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Astrology is alive! In Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, it is mentioned that the planets are conscious incarnations of Vishnu. This means the planets are alive! The Rasis or Signs are Unconscious Limbs or Body Parts of Time Personified. So as the planets breathe Consciousness into them by occupying a sign or aspecting it, the Rasis too become alive! The Nakshatras are also alive inasmuch as they are aspects of the Divine within creation that have the responsibility of growing our consciousness in a specific way. So you see, everything about astrology is alive and Organic!

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Lesson 1 - How Astrology Works: The Grahas (Planets) 11 Minutes

The Grahas form the foundation of the whole life of Astrology. But sadly, this is where most students have the weakest foundation! In Brihata Parashara Hora Shastra it is stated ‘The Supreme Unborn Spirit has had many descents. Janardana, in the form of the Grahas (Planets), rewards the fruits of the Karma of living beings!

Lesson 2: How Astrology Works: The Rasis (Signs) 9 Minutes

On the Rasis (Signs) BPHS states ‘The imperceptible Vishnu, Janardana, is the Kalarupa (Figure of Time) whose limbs become unconscious as the Rasis beginning from Mesha (the Ram).’ So it can be seen that the Rasis are the unconscious limbs of Vishnu representing the Cosmic Man as Time Personified with each rasi representing a body part.   So, the rasis are the realms in which the Grahas produce, wherein Consciousness is breathed and the various areas of our lives are impacted. 

Lesson 3: How Astrology Works: The Nakshatras 16 Minutes

The Moon is responsible for the rise and fall of the tides! In a similar fashion, it is responsible for the rise and calming of the tides which flow within the modulations of our sensory mind. The Nakshatras carry out this pull on our psyche to cause us to work through the karmic drama we are each involved in.

Lesson 4: How Astrology Works: The Bhavas (Houses) 9 Minutes

The Bhavas are the various areas of life that are impacted through the Astrological Drama (relationships, career, etc.). Bhava means a behaviour. Through the interaction of the Grahas, Nakshatras and Rasis, we are caused to behave in a certain manner either due to needing to resolve Karma in a specific area of our life or to become more aware of generating further Karma in a specific area of life.

Lesson 5: The Qualities of the Grahas (Planets) 44 Minutes

Before we begin our exploration of the Grahas (Planets), there is some common terminology that we must learn which relates to the way the planets are classified.

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The focus of my work is in assisting my clients in discovering and living their true potential, thereby aligning their own soul’s rhythm in harmony with the Pulse of the Universe. 

To do so, I utilise the ancient art and science of Vedic Astrology, also known as Jyotish. As a Counseling Astrologer with over twenty-five years of experience in the astrological field, I have shared my gift with hundreds of clients worldwide.


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